Whether you are just beginning a new lease or an existing rental agreement is coming to an end, arranging end of lease cleaning for your rugs and carpets is a sensible idea. Arranging rug cleaning with a professional company, such as Jet Carpet Cleaning and Services, will ensure that you have a high chance of having your deposit paid back in full at the end of a lease. If you are moving into a new property, rug cleaning will ensure that all floor coverings are clean and hygienic before you move in. 

Moving Out? Is Everything In Order? 

If you have rented a house or apartment, it is a good idea to arrange rug cleaning before you vacate the premises. In doing so, you will prove to your landlord that you are a conscientious tenant and are more likely to receive your deposit and receive a glowing reference. One of the most popular and effective rug cleaning processes is the water extraction method. Using a high powered water extraction cleaner will lift all dirt and grime that has built up during your rental period to the surface of rugs and carpets, allowing quick and efficient cleaning. This method of rug cleaning gets deep into the pile of all rugs, ensuring they are left fresh, clean and hygienic once more, so ask cleaning companies if they can use this method. Always check the drying times when arranging this type of rug cleaning and choose a company that offers high standards of cleaning and quick drying times. A good rug cleaning company will also offer a range of stain removal services that can be tailored to suit the stain in question. 

Moving In? Freshen Up Before The Big Day

Moving in to a new property is exciting, but that excitement can soon turn into dismay if carpets and rugs are left dirty by the previous tenants. Not all landlords will arrange an end of lease cleaning service, and therefore, it is best to check before you move in. Arranging rug cleaning and carpet cleaning before the big moving day will ensure you have nothing to worry about except unpacking and settling in. Many carpet and rug cleaning companies also offer general cleaning services that you can customise to suit your individual needs. 

Whether you are moving in or out to a new rented property, arranging professional rug cleaning will give you total peace of mind that rugs and carpets are clean, fresh and ready for your use or the use of the next tenant.