It's always best to have your office or other facility cleaned by a professional company rather than relying on employees to do this. Employees may not do a thorough job so that your office looks messy and restrooms may be unsanitary, and they may not appreciate being asked to clean the office when they've been hired to answer phones or handle payroll. This also takes away from the time your employees could spend on work that actually adds to your company's bottom line. Before you do hire any company for office cleaning, note a few important questions you might want to ask first.

1. What if something is overlooked?

A cleaning company may have a list of things they will do for your office with each visit, but something may still get overlooked on occasion. Note their policy for how they handle this, as they may come back to your office an clean it again, but only if you call them within 24 hours of their last visit. In other cases, they may simply adjust your bill if they have too many customers to revisit your location. Whatever the arrangements, be sure you know about it ahead of time so you can be prepared if something is overlooked.

2. Can they accommodate special needs for cleaning supplies?

Your office staff may not appreciate coming to work every morning and having the space smell like bleach and disinfectant. Some might also have allergies or otherwise be sensitive to certain chemicals in cleansers. In those cases, you may prefer more natural cleansers be used.

Your office may also have special surfaces that need certain cleansers; natural stone for the front desk or wood floors in an office may need certain cleansers so that they're not damaged. Ask upfront what cleansers they use and if they can accommodate, and if you can provide them with certain cleansers for your office in particular. If so, note if they will adjust the bill accordingly.

3. Do their employees go through background checks?

This is important for house cleaners who may be in your home when you're at work during the day, but it's also important for office cleaners. Remember that they will have access to computer equipment, files and paperwork, and other sensitive and valuable items while they're cleaning your office. You want to ensure you know the background of those who will be in your office even during nighttime hours and even just for cleaning, and even if you're not hiring them to be on your payroll in particular. 

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