There are different cleaning methods designed for removing stains and general dirt from the carpet. The ideal technique will depend on factors such as the type of carpet fabric, time constraints, budget and your preference. One of the most advantageous methods in the modern market is dry carpet cleaning, or chem dry. This type of process does not require water for cleaning, so it is an economical choice. It is ideal for fabrics which can be easily damaged by exposure to water or hot steam. Your carpets will be cleaned with effective chemicals delivered through cleaning machinery. Moreover, dry carpet cleaning saves time since you will not need to waste time waiting for your rugs to dry. If you are thinking about choosing dry carpet cleaning, consider choosing one of these outlined methods.

Bonnet Cleaning

If your carpet requires only light cleaning, you should choose the bonnet technique. It cleanses the fibres on the rug thoroughly, and the method can remove most stains on your items easily. Basically, bonnet cleaning requires a cleaning detergent which is mixed with some carbonated water. Most cleaners have proprietary cleaning solutions, so you should ensure that your preferred company uses eco-friendly detergents. Basically, the mixture is sprayed on a vacuumed carpet as a mist. A bonnet which is a buffer device is used to scrub the carpet in rotating motions. The cleaning detergent will remove stains and the carbonation will lift dust from the fibres, leaving your carpet clean.

Dry Foam

The dry foam cleaning technique is an ideal alternative to carpet shampooing. The shampoo method requires a lot of water to rinse out the detergent, and you will have to wait long for your carpet to dry completely. Dry foam cleaning is performed using special equipment. Basically, dry foam machine produces thick foam by aerating some liquid detergent. The foam is released and distributed on the carpet, and a brush is used to agitate and scrub the fibres. The dirt will be released from the carpet and the residue can be wet-vacuumed easily.

Dry Powder

You can choose commercial dry powder for cleaning your carpets and rugs. This method is efficient for all types of carpets and the task is fairly easy to perform. The technique requires a powdered carpet cleaner; this can be purchased in local stores at low prices. You can also use baking soda since it is a powerful stain-removing agent. For ideal results, you should sprinkle the powder, allow it to soak and then, vacuum the dirt and powder residue.