The commercial waste management company you hire is very important; if your waste isn't taken care of, you may face steep fines due to improper disposal of waste, and if you own or manage an apartment complex or any type of facility that has rental units, you may lose tenants if your garbage bins are overflowing. Before you hire any type of commercial waste management company, note a few questions to ask so you ensure you choose the right company for your facility.

1. Can they offer seasonal changes?

Your business may have seasonal needs for waste management, and you shouldn't assume that your service provider can't accommodate. As an example, if you have an apartment complex that sees a lot of seasonal travelers, you may need less waste pickup in the winter and more in the summer or vice versa. You may process far more orders at your production facility during Christmastime, so you need more waste pickup for those weeks. Whatever your needs as to seasons or cycles of your business, don't settle for a waste management company that cannot accommodate.

2. Can they offer recycling areas?

If you're very eco-conscious, your waste management company should work with you to encourage recycling in your facility. This might be separate bins that you keep outside or inside an office and which are then also picked up. You might also ask about recycling special products such as motor oil, kitchen grease, cardboard, and the like. If you use a waste management company that handles such recycling, this will keep you from having to hire a completely separate company, which in turn can make recycling easier for you and everyone at your facility.

3. Be sure to ask about damaged bins and missed calls or additional calls

A damaged waste bin may not seem very important to you, but cracks and dents can mean allowing trash to spill over the bin or moisture to leak out. Note what they consider to be a damaged bin and their policies on replacing it; they may overlook a small dent, whereas you want a bin in good repair and that is like-new, so be sure you agree on this.

It's also necessary to note how they handle missed visits or additional calls if you occasionally have special occasions that require an additional emptying of the bin or a tenant in your complex decided to do spring cleaning. Don't assume that an additional call is just going to be the same charge as your other calls, but note their lead time and extra charges, so you know if they're the right waste management company for you.

For more information, contact commercial waste management companies in your area.