Your children probably love the idea of a spaghetti and meatball dinner while watching their favourite cartoons. Who doesn't? But the drawback of eating spaghetti sauce over your carpet is the inevitable chance that it will eventually make its way to your precious carpeting. The trick to removing spaghetti sauce stains from carpets lies in timely action, so follow these step-by-step carpet cleaning strategies to remove these types of stains.

Scrape the Excess Sauce and Sprinkle Salt

Before working on the stain, scrape the excess sauce away from the carpet with a knife and sprinkle salt generously over the stain. The salt will absorb the redness of the sauce and will lighten the stain colour on the carpet. Let the salt solution sit for a few minutes before whisking it away with a vacuum cleaner.

Apply Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is a non-toxic, cleaning chemical that works brilliantly to tackle stains. Mix a few drops of vinegar in a small spray bottle filled with water and saturate the stain. Dab with a paper towel until you are able to dry up the stained carpet area. Repeat this process a few times for removing the stain more effectively. The cleaning properties of the acetic acid in vinegar will reduce the stained appearance or will remove it entirely, depending on how quickly you are able to confront the stain.  

Apply Liquid Detergent

Mix a few drops of liquid detergent into a cup of water until the solution turns frothy. Use a clean microfibre cloth to blot over the stained carpet with the detergent solution. Be generous with the liquid solution because it needs to soak into the stain to loosen it from the carpet. Keep blotting until the liquid saturates the stained area of the carpet. This carpet cleaning step should eliminate the stain completely.

Dry the Carpet

Small children and wet carpets are never a good combination, so make sure you dry your carpet before letting them back on it. You can either let your carpet dry naturally or you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process of drying. If you decide to dry the carpet naturally, be sure to open the windows and allow proper ventilation to pass through the room. Wait for at least a day before allowing your kids to play on the carpet once again.

While these cleaning steps are important for tackling spaghetti sauce stains immediately, homes with small kids are bound to suffer from all types of stains and spills. Be sure to contact a carpet cleaning service every once in a while and let the experts give your carpets a comprehensive cleanup.