Keeping your office space clean helps to maintain clarity and productivity in the workplace, while creating a comfortable environment for both your staff and clients. If you want to ensure that your office space is as healthy and energy-efficient as possible, it is crucial to hire a commercial cleaner who makes eco-friendly cleaning practices a priority. Let's look at some top tips for finding an eco-friendly cleaner for your office.

Green cleaning products

Not only can some conventional commercial cleaning products be toxic to the environment, they can also significantly reduce the air quality and healthfulness of the workplace when used regularly. The first step to creating an eco-friendly and healthy office environment is to ensure that your commercial cleaner uses only green cleaning products, including glass, all-purpose, floor and disinfectant cleaning solutions.

If you have already employed a commercial cleaner who does not use green cleaning products, discuss your desire for a shift towards using cleaning agents that are not harmful to your staff or the environment. Green alternatives are widely available in Australia for purchase, and the quality of the cleaning job will not be diminished by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Check out this handy guide to harmful cleaning ingredients and their negative effects, to help you or your commercial cleaner select chemical-free cleaning products.

Rubbish and recycling

Reducing the waste in your workplace is a great way to kick-start your eco-friendly approach to office management, but disposing of rubbish in a responsible manner is crucial to reducing landfill. To help your commercial cleaners to dispose of your office waste responsibility, provide support and facilities to assist in the recycling process. Encourage your cleaners to use reusable cleaning cloths instead of one-use paper or plastic products. Team up with your local recycling company to ensure that your waste is disposed of thoughtfully. Have a discussion with your staff and cleaners to brainstorm ways you can minimise waste while promoting recycling throughout the office.

Offsetting emissions

Many modern Australian businesses offer offsetting of carbon emissions as a complementary service, or for a small additional fee. Consider the viability of purchasing carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint associated with your commercial cleaning service. Contact a few authorised Australian carbon solutions providers for competitive quotes, and to learn more about how your business can offset carbon emissions and work towards achieving carbon neutral certification.

With a little planning, you can have a healthy and clean office environment while reducing the environmental impact of your business activities. Contact your professional commercial cleaning company today to discuss eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your workplace.

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