Most people stock vinegar in their homes because it adds a delicious twist to all types of food. But what you probably didn't know is that vinegar is a multi-tasker. Apart from infusing flavour into food, it also acts as an excellent agent for carpet cleaning. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which makes it a good antiseptic cleaner for killing germs, bacteria, mould and stains. Here are some ways to use vinegar-based solutions for carpet cleaning.

Vinegar and Water Solution

While vinegar is great for carpet cleaning, you shouldn't just dump it on the surface without any strategy. You will need to use some finesse, so you don't end up causing damage to your carpet fibres. An ideal way to use vinegar is to mix it with equal parts of water in a spray bottle. A spray bottle helps you concentrate the liquid on specific stained areas of your carpet without spilling onto clean carpet areas. This vinegar and water solution is effective for treating all types of red wine, pet urine, curry, sauce and juice stains.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda work effectively together for carpet cleaning. But you must exercise caution when using this mixture because you could damage your carpet if you're not careful. The ideal way to use vinegar and baking soda is to carefully saturate the stain with vinegar before sprinkling some baking soda over it. You will want to follow this order, so you ideally should not use them together. If you pour vinegar over piled baking soda, the solution will mix in a way that feels like a mini volcano and may damage your carpet with its sogginess. By applying the vinegar first, you will give it time to soak completely for treating the stain. This way the baking soda will be used to loosen the stain from the surface more prudently without causing an explosion with the vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes before applying the baking soda. Let this solution remain on the stain for at least an hour before vacuuming it. This solution works well on red wine, curry, sauce, pet urine and juice stains.

Vinegar and Salt 

Salt and vinegar work well when used successively for carpet stains. The granular salt texture makes it a good choice absorbing stains from carpets, while the acetic acid of vinegar will lighten and remove the stain completely. If you notice a fresh stain on your carpet, simply add some salt to it. Let this salt sit for a little while before spraying the stain with vinegar. Use a paper towel or cloth to blot over the stain. You will soon notice that the stain has lightened or disappeared. This combination works particularly well on red wine, sauce and juice stains.

Vinegar is a good agent for your regular carpet cleaning needs. Every once in awhile, you may want to contact professional carpet cleaners to restore the pristine look of your precious carpets.