If you need to deep clean a dilapidated house which has been neglected and left in an extremely unsanitary state for a long period of time, here are a few tips which you should keep in mind in order to stay safe throughout the cleaning process.

Wear protective clothing

During the process of deep cleaning a severely neglected property, you will probably come into contact with a whole host of hazardous or toxic substances. As such, it is extremely important that you wear protective clothing whilst you clean, as this will help to minimise your risk of injury or illness.

For example, you should wear a pair of thick, elbow-length waterproof gloves at all times whilst you are inside the house. These will serve several purposes. Firstly, they will protect your skin from the harsh cleaning chemicals that you will need to use to sanitise the property (such as bleach, caustic soda, etc.). Secondly, these thick gloves will reduce your chances of sustaining a deep laceration if you need to handle broken glass, rusty nails or shards of splintered timber at any point during the cleaning process.

You should also wear a respirator or a high-quality dust mask and a pair of safety goggles whilst you clean. A house which has not been properly cleaned in many years is likely to be extremely dusty and is also likely to harbour pests, such as mice and rats. As such, there is a risk that the dust in the house could contain trace amounts of rodent urine or droppings. If some of this dust becomes airborne whilst you are removing rubbish from surfaces, it could end up entering your lungs or eyes. This could not only cause severe irritation (which could result in a coughing fit and blurred vision) but could also make you seriously ill, as rodent waste can contain dangerous microorganisms.

Hire a skip bin from a rubbish removal service

Deep cleaning a house that hasn't been cleaned in many years is likely to leave you with a lot of rubbish that will need to be disposed of. If you want to minimise your chances of being injured or developing an illness, you should hire a skip bin from a rubbish removal company and let them take care of the disposal of your refuse.

If you do not have an enclosed container in which you leave all of your rubbish, and instead have to leave it in various areas around the house and garden until you have time to bring it to the local landfill, there is a risk that you will end up being injured.

If, for example, a rubbish bag that is lying on the floor contains bits of broken glass and you happen to trip and fall whilst walking past it, you could end up with deep wounds as a result of landing on this bag. If the bag contains toxic substances (such as, for instance, objects that are covered in mould) and you trip and fall onto it, you end up being exposed to these substances and becoming very ill as a result of this.

As such, it is best to hire a skip bin from a rubbish removal company, so that you have somewhere safe to put all of your potentially hazardous refuse and so that you don't have to transport this refuse to the local landfill.