Carpet dry cleaning is a method that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. The cleaning method involves spraying chemicals on top of the carpet surface and bonding them with the particles on the carpet. The cleaners then use brushes to remove the residue after chemicals extract the dirt between the carpet fibres. Here are the three main reasons carpet dry cleaning could be a better option than the other regular carpet cleaning alternatives. 

1. The Method Is Convenient

The first benefit of using carpet dry cleaning is convenience. It is a simple process to spray chemicals on the carpet surface and watching the dirt crystalise to powder. After the powder collects on the surface of the carpet, the cleaners vacuum it away. Since they do not use water in the process, you can resume using the carpet immediately after. Also, you do not have to worry about the odd smells that carpets develop when cleaned with water and fail to dry completely. Your carpet will be ready to walk on immediately after the cleaning process. 

2. The Technique Is Regularly Improving

When carpet dry cleaning was new, most people used it when they needed a surface cleaning. The application was because they believed the method was not sufficient to perform deep cleaning. However, the technique and chemicals used have improved a lot over the years. Currently, it is possible to do the dry cleaning without a vacuum cleaner. The professionals spray the chemicals deep into the carpet fibres and then use brushes to reach inside there and remove the dirt. The brushes are strong enough to access the flattened-out parts of the carpet fibres and remove the dirt and grime. The method, therefore, helps bring back the original springiness into your carpet. The chemicals currently used are biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment.

3. The Technique Preserves Your Carpet

Cleaning carpets with water or steam is loved because most people believe in their effectiveness. However, your carpet needs a lot of time to dry up afterwards. Dry carpet cleaning is a better alternative because your carpet does not hold moisture. Moisture often leads to mould damage which stains it and creates a nasty smell in the house. Dry carpet cleaning also has better success in stain removal than other techniques.

If you have questions about carpet dry cleaning reach out to carpet cleaning contractors.