If it's been a while since you had your carpets cleaned, it might be time to schedule an appointment. If you can't see any visible dirt, you might think you can wait a bit longer. That might not be the case though. Visible dirt isn't the only sign that your carpet needs to be cleaned. Sometimes you need to take a closer look at your carpets. Read the list provided below. If you've encountered any of these issues, it's time to have your carpets cleaned. 

There's a Different Colour Under the Furniture

If your carpets look clean on the surface, move your furniture. Sometimes the truth is hiding under the furniture. Once you move your furniture, take a look at the colour. If the carpet colour under your furniture is different from the carpet colour in the rest of the room, it's time for a deep cleaning. The colour change is a sign that there's dirt in the carpet fibres. A professional cleaning will remove the set-in dirt. 

There's a Dust Cloud When You Pat the Carpet

If you think your carpet is clean, give it a firm pat. If a cloud of dust comes up from the padding, it's time for a cleaning. You might think that vacuuming your carpet removes all the dirt, but that's not the case. No matter how often you vacuum, some of the dirt lingers in the fibres. The best way to remove that dirt is to steam clean the carpet. The hot water extraction system removes even the deep-down dirt. 

You Feel Something Unpleasant Under Your Feet

If you're not sure how clean your carpet is, take your shoes off. If you're like most people, you wear something on your feet while you're in the house. But, that doesn't give you a good feel for what's going on with your carpet. Once your shoes are off, walk around the house. If you feel a sticky residue on your feet, it's time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. 

You Can't Clear the Musty Odour Out of the Fibres

If you've been using carpet fresheners to get rid of the musty odours, it's time for a deep cleaning. Musty odours don't stay on the surface. They filter down into the padding and fibres. Unfortunately, carpet fresheners only mask the odour. They don't get rid of the source. That's where carpet cleaning comes into the picture. Carpet cleaning eliminates the cause of the odours.

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